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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Anti-Wrinkle Facial Massage

Anti-wrinkle Facial Massage Video. If you really want to learn any kind of classic spa treatment you have to look at the techniques used in Asian countries. I don't know exactly know where this video was filmed, but it could be in India. No matter what, the technique is great and you can also see a lot of hand experience. I really enjoy watching massage therapist and masseuses, when they know what they are doing.

Just try it out yourself and what looks really easy might blow your mind and maybe your shoulder in that case.

Watch this video now. It's good stuff.

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Friday, November 28, 2008


Paki Massage Video

Paki Massage is short for Pakistani Massage - I'm not sure if that's an official term or just used by some people.

I'm sure there are different varieties of massage, as much as I can tell from seeing different footage from Pakistan, but this one video is showing one of the most unique massage techniques I've ever seen.

It remind me on a situation that I had with a client who couldn't lie on his back. He asked me if I could rig something up to make it so that I would be underneath him, like working on a car that is jacked up.

I thought of a few things, but it seems that this Paki massage guy has figured out one way to do it.

Not that my client would have been able to lie like that and be relaxed, nor do I have the flexibility and strength to probably hold this position for more than 1 minute, but I think it shows that different cultures always approach massage in a slightly different way and for that this massage video is already exciting.

So enjoy this paki massage video:

Don't try this at home!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Holistic Massage Video Clip

This Holistic Massage Video clip shows you the basic of this massage style.

Never heard of it?

Well this video clip will give you the information you need. Jim Granger, Director of Somatic Studies at Health-Choices Holistic Massage School in Princeton, New Jersey talks about things like somatic studies, mindful massage, and conscious touch.

The Institute of Somatic Studies says:

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, created by Ruella Frank, Ph.D., is a relational and movement-oriented approach to psychotherapy within a gestalt therapy framework.

Inspired by the work of developmental psychologists, motor theorists, and somatic educators, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy is a template for understanding and working with early psycho-physical blocks as they emerge in the here-and-now of the adult therapy session.

Here from the Health Choices website about the schools philosophy:

Two important components of this approach are "Mindfulness" and "Embodiment".

Mindfulness means you are calm, centered, open-hearted, and fully focused on your client throughout the massage.

Embodiment means you are not just in your “head” but alive and aware in your body, connected with the entire Wisdom of your Being.

We, The Staff of Health-Choices, have all experienced this transformation through touch in our own lives and are willing and eager to share what we have learned with you.

Basically this therapy looks to integrate you spiritual aspect into the massage session. You have to make up your mind if this is something that you can relate to or not. For some of you it might sound a little bit too esoteric - but you have to make that judgment yourself.

Holistic Massage Video Clip 1:

Holistic Massage Video Clip 2:

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Indian Head Massage

This Indian Head Massage video clip was shot in India. It is a massage parlor in Pushkar, Rajastan.

I am always amazed to watch massage videos from other cultures - clips from their daily routine nothing set up. Just documentary style. I shows me how different people approach the treatment situation in a different way.

There is loud music, road noise, there is a lot of color in the room, cluttered room, no massage equipment other than a chair and a pillow, but still watching it already tells me that the clients was able to really zoom out.

Relaxation does not always depend on the environment, it mainly depends on the effect that the massage therapist has on you. (I don't think it is the catching of the cosmic rays, but at least there is some serious drama in front of the camera - LOL)

Enjoy this really great Indian Head Massage video:

For more Indian Massage Videos

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