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A lot of people think that Facial Massage is just part of spa treatments or are only be done in beauty salons, but fact is that massage therapy covers the entire body, so of course the face is also part of a full body massage in classic Swedish massage as well as all other types of massage.

Having said that I want to stress that some people do not want to be touched in the face for the following reasons:

  • They come to massage with full make up and don't want it ruined
  • They don't trust you to be clean enough and touch their face and might give them a skin reaction
  • They don't like anybody to touch their face (this is also true for guys, who think that it is kind of girly to get a face massage)

No matter what it is and no matter how much you feel that it is part of a full body massage, you need to respect the person's feelings and let go. I sometimes had the experience that women don't like to be touched in the face by a guy. They just don't trust that a guy has the sensitivity to do a good job. In that case I usually tried to tell them to at least see a beautician to get their facial massage there.

The other important thing about facial massage and maybe that is what brought up this dilemma of being not clean is that you have to really be hygienic if you want to touch the face of somebody else. You work close to the mouth, nose and eyes, all very sensitive parts and the skin is also a lot more sensitive than the rest of the body.

So especially within a full body massage, make sure that you wash your hands before touching the face (in many types of massage you will touch the feet before the face). Never switch between face and other body parts.

Facial Massage Video 1

Length: 9:08 minutes
Simple step by step instruction for facial massage

Also always make sure that you use the right lubrication. No heavy oils or lotions in the face. I usually use the client's favorite moisturizer to do the face. In that way they know what product I use and they feel comfortable with it.

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