How to Massage Video

So the question is: How to give a massage? Where do you start? Well you are in the right spot. will give you all you need to start massaging.

You might wonder which massage styles should I try? Don't worry about that right now? There are some basic moves that you can learn, without having to label them to this or that massage tradition. Massage is for me a form of expressing yourself and of helping each other. Sometimes we can get caught up in this style is better than this, but that is all not important. Massage styles are tools that are very helpful, but you don't have to be part of a specific school in order to give a massage. But if you are interested in which styles are out there, then go to our Massage Styles section.

Well there are maybe other things that worry in connection with how to give a massage. For example if you are going to use your fingers, your thumbs, your forearms, your elbows etc. Don't worry about it you will soon find out what works best for you.

"But what about the massage supplies that I need?" "Don't I need a massage table or massage chair to massage somebody?" Ok too fast. Massage can be as easy as this. You can do it anywhere, anyhow, it's all up to you. Massage tables are a great tool for some, but you don't want to buy one and then just have it sitting in the closet. Or just pull up a chair and get going. If you are however keen to buy one, then please check out the massage table review section, so you know what you have to check when you buy a massage table.

It is very simple and easy to create an environment for massage that is relaxing and comfortable for both the person who gives as well as the one who receives the massage. I made my first few bucks massaging on the family dining table with a two inch futon on top. Yeah it was not great, but it worked, until I made the money to buy a massage table. At that time I knew this is my gig.

Even a sofa or bed can be sometimes used, but be careful not to strain your back. Some massage styles actually use a futon style mat on the ground instead of a massage table.

And as far as lubricant is concerned: Well you can use lotion, or oil or just work through clothing. Everything is possible. I even learned a massage style once that is not even using direct touch, but rather works through the aura of a person. If you would like to know how to deal with oil or lotion or no lubrication, please click here.

What I think is important that you use little means to create an ambience that is making the person receiving the massage feeling cozy. Candles, incense sticks or aromatherapy oil diffuser, dimmed lights, music or nature ambience can turn a normal living room into a luxury spa or cozy massage room. So I would try to find out what makes people feel good. To learn more about how to set the right mood and create a peaceful ambience, click here.

One thing that also has to do with comfort is proper positioning. Otherwise the benefit of your massage will be compromised. Click here to learn more about positioning.

Before you start, please take a look at the contraindications for massage. Those are put in place to both protect the person who receives the massage as well as the person who gives the massage. I would not skip those. Click here.

So I guess you are ready now, dive into massage and learn a few simple massage movements that you can use straight away. Start here.

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