Massage Tips & Tricks

Tips for the Massage Beginner (MB):

  1. If your recipient doesn't like a technique, drop it and try another.
  2. Always remember that the recipient is your teacher.
  3. Ask your recipient questions about how you can improve your technique.
  4. Ask your friends if they can show you some good massage techniques.
  5. As much as possible you should try to keep some physical contact with the recipient during massage. Lifting up can lead to tension and a startling effect, especially when the person is very relaxed.
  6. Keep your contact as broad as possible. Don't poke.
  7. If you want to relax your recipient use long slow movements. If you want to energize the recipient, use fast, but not erratic movements.
  8. Make sure your hands are warm and if you use cream or oil, be sure to warm it by briskly rubbing it in your hands. Don't put it straight on the skin.
  9. Make sure the room is a comfortably temperature and that the recipient is warm enough. Use a blanket if necessary.
  10. Make sure your recipient's positioning is comfortable.
  11. Once the recipient has 'approved' a technique, take note of it and try to always do this technique as closely as possible to the way the recipient likes it.
  12. Don't talk too much - especially when the recipient is trying to relax.
  13. Approach the massage gradually - never rush in with a high level of intensity.
  14. Test, listen and adjust.
  15. Never see yourself as a therapist. You don't treat - you're just trying to make the recipient feel good. If you want to become a therapist, you should seek proper massage therapy training from either a certified teacher or a certified massage school.

Tips for the recipient of a beginners massage

  1. Don't get frustrated if the MB doesn't get what you want right away.
  2. Don't judge the MB's abilities, be happy that you get a massage!
  3. Always respond with honestly and sensitivity to questions from the MB regarding the massage.
  4. If you don't like something, say so.
  5. Don't hesitate to praise MB's effort.
  6. Point out where it feels best to be massaged or where your body longs to be touched. Sometimes the oddest spots cry out for a little massage!
  7. Try to be mindful of the MB position. You are there to support each other at all times so, if you see that they are struggling or straining suggest another position.
  8. Don't expect magic but be open to the idea that anything can happen!
  9. Never argue about whether what the MB is doing is right or wrong.
  10. Be sure to show your appreciation for your MB's efforts - regardless of how the massage went.

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