Proper Positioning for Massage

Basic Positioning:

It is important that both the massager and the recipient are in comfortable positions. If the recipient is not comfortable with a certain position, either you need to change that position or use towels, blankets and pillows to give better support.

Back position: lying on the back

I usually use a pillow under the neck to keep it from straining and to support its natural curve. A rolled up towel or bolster under slightly bent knees will take the pressure off the sacrum and lower back.

Front position: lying on the stomach

I usually have people put their hands together, (palms facing down), to support the forehead, because otherwise they have to turn their head to the side, which can put a lot of pressure on the neck.

A rolled up towel under the ankles will prevent the legs from excessively turning in or out. It takes the pressure off the toes and prevents straining of the ankles, (this is especially uncomfortable for people with poor flexibility in the ankles).

You can also roll up a towel and shape it into a half circle to use it as a face rest. For some people it is also very comfortable to have a pillow under their chest or midsection.

Side position:

In this position I use a pillow under the head, so that the neck stays straight and a lot of times I will also put a pillow between the legs. The legs should rest on top of each other with the knees slightly bent.

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