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Soapy massage video clips seem to be very popular at the moment. But most videos titled this way usually have only very little to do with massage and are mostly ways to redirect people to non-family friendly website (to say it gently)

That means most people think of something “naughty”, when it comes to soapy massage videos, but there is actually a great massage tradition that utilizes soapy massage in a very sophisticated way. And this is what I will show you here.

The turkish bath or hamam is the middle eastern spa treatment, which usually consists of sitting in a steam room, receiving a full body wash (including hair) and a massage that uses soap as lubrication.

The most fascinating aspect of this massage (besides the fact that if feels great and very relaxing) is the lather they use. The massage therapist lathers the soap with a cotton soap bag or foam bag and that will cover your body several inches high.

It's a great technique. Even though there are many turkish people living throughout Europe, I have never come across this massage technique until last year. And of course that was in Turkey.

A friend of mine worked down there in a hotel as a fitness consultant and he introduced me to some of his collegues, who were working as massage therapists in the hotel hamam.

It was a great experience, it is a full service, that we are not used to in the Western world. I was just thinking that those guys must have great stamina, because in the heat room there are pretty high temperatures, high humidity and a lot of intense massage work on a slab, that would be way too low for me (I would probably get a real sore back after the first massage)

Anyway check out the soapy massage video that I found from a Haman. It will give you a taste of why I think this massage style would also be greatly received in the US.

Soapy Massage Video

Length: 2:58 minutes
This is a great video from a turkish bath (sorry about the poor quality), showing the unique technique of creating the foam with the foam bag and some basic massage moves.

If you ever have a chance to visit a turkish bath, you should try this special spa treatment including the scrubbing, washing and massage like you can see in the above soapy massage video.

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